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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I have to follow COVID-19 guidelines when camping or recreating outdoors?

Yes!  Please help keep our community safe during your visit by reviewing all Oregon COVID-19 guidelines prior to arrival.  This information can be easily found at

How do I make a reservation?

You can make your reservation online by clicking the Online Reservations tab to the left, by visiting our online reservations page at, or by calling (503) 322-3522 to speak to a member of staff.  Walk-up reservations are available if site vacancies allow for it.  The Cabins at Barview Jetty Campground are available with a prior reservation only.

How do I purchase an Annual Day Use Access Pass?

Tillamook County Parks Department Annual Day Use Access Passes are available online at, in-person at Barview Jetty County Campground, or by calling (503) 322-3522.  Discounted passes are only available for purchase via telephone. 

What time is Check-In?  How about Check-Out?

Check-In is at 3:30 PM or laterWe cannot accommodate early check-ins.  Check-Out is at 1:30 PM for all campsites and 12:00 PM for Cabins.

My campsite is raked and clean... Why can't I occupy my site?

We have a very small 2-hour window to schedule necessary tasks on over 600 campsites all around Tillamook County.  By arriving early and entering your campsite prior to the designated check-in time, you are not allowing our very limited amount of staff the time they require to do what they need to do.  If you arrive early and occupy your site we will ask you to leave the site until check-in time.

How long can I camp at your campgrounds?

We are a recreational camping system that allows individuals to camp for 14 days maximum at our campgrounds.  After 14 days, individuals must leave the system for another 14 days prior to making another reservation at any of our campgrounds.

How long are your RV sites and what do they offer?

Our back-in RV sites are 45-feet long and our pull-through RV sites are 90 feet long.  All full hookup RV sites offer electric, sewer and water hookups.  You are allowed to have one RV per RV site.

Can I have an RV in a tent site?

Yes.  If your RV fits within the confines of the tent site's driveway, then yes, you may use the site as a dry-camping RV site.  Dump stations are available and water spigots are readily available to fill your tank.

Is my boat an extra vehicle?  Is my changing tent an extra tent?

Yes and yes.  If you would have to use an additional parking spot in a standard parking lot to park your boat trailer then yes, your boat trailer with your boat counts as an extra vehicle and will be subject to additional fee.  Also, a child's tent, changing tent, or any other canopy with four sides counts as an extra tent and will be subject to additional fee.  All tents, regardless of type, must not exceed the maximum site allowance.  Do you have questions about your exact situation?  Call us!  We are here to help.

How many tents can I fit in one site?  Do you enforce your rules?

We know that you want to have a good time when you go camping, but your idea of a good time may not be someone else's idea of a good time.  That is why we have to limit the amount of people, tents and vehicles that we allow in each site.  Everyone deserves the chance to visit the Coast and make wonderful memories.  Our current site allowances are available by clicking the Online Reservations tab or by visiting Reservations.htm.

We enforce all site limitations and ordinance violations.  It has happened that we have had to ask individuals to leave our facilities when they do not wish to adhere to site limitations and ordinances.  Please read all site limits ahead of time and call us if you have questions.  We are very happy to help you determine if you will be able to meet the requirements of your site or if you may wish to reserve more than one site.

Do you offer electric tent sites?  Can I use an RV site without an RV?

We offer a small amount of walk-in electric tent sites at Barview Jetty County Campground only; however, these sites are walk-in tent sites only and will not accommodate a vehicle within the site.  All of our RV sites must have an RV or trailer physically in-site to use that site.  Tent camping without an RV is not allowed within any of our RV sites.

Are your sites on the beach?

No.  Some of our tent sites at Barview Jetty County Campground are very close to and alongside the beach; and Whalen Island County Campground has sites that are alongside the estuary of Sand Lake, but beach camping is not available or allowed.  The beaches in Oregon are under the jurisdiction of Oregon State Parks, and for the most part, camping on the beach is not permitted in the State of Oregon.

Can I have guests visit me while I camp?

Yes, with restrictions.  Your guests must pay a day-use fee to park within a campground during the daytime and all overnight guests must register with the campground and pay any additional fees.  Campsites may not exceed the maximum site allowances at any time.  Additional vehicles that exceed the vehicle maximums must be parked in additional vehicle spaces.  Please see a campground host or fee booth staff if you have questions while camping with us.

Can I camp on Bayocean Peninsula?

No, camping is not allowed on Bayocean Peninsula.  We are aware that there is information circulating that states that camping is allowed, but this is false information.  Bayocean Peninsula is owned and managed by many entities, and only private landowners are allowed to camp within the confines of their own individual parcels of land.  All others may be subject to fines.

There is no one picking up the phone!  What do I do?!!

We are extremely short-staffed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are doing the absolute best that we can to provide you service to the very best of our ability.  Oftentimes there is just one person who is answering the phone and handling all of the in-person transactions at the same time.  Please have patience.  Leave a message on the voicemail and our staff WILL return your phone call as soon as they are able to do so.



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