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Consolidated Zoning/Building Application*NEW*
Planning Application: Type 1
Planning Application: Type 2-4
Agricultural Building Authorization
Land Division Application
Property Line Adjustment
Floodplain Development Permit Application
Remedial Grading Permit
Foredune Grading Permit
Temporary Use Permit Application
Temporary Use  - County Parks Agreement
Pre-Application Meeting Form
Appeal Form

Guidance Documents

Consolidated Department Checklist *NEW*
Sample Site Plan*NEW*
Building Heights Diagram
Neskowin Building Height Diagram
Geohazard/ Beach & Dune Permit Requirements
Pacific City Foredune Management Plan
Fillable FEMA Elevation Certificate

Planning Staff

Sarah Absher, Director
Melissa Jenck, Land Use Planner II
Sheila Shoemaker, Land Use Planner I

Tillamook County Plans and Ordinances

Comprehensive Plan
Land Use Ordinance (LUO) (Zoning Ordinance)
Tillamook County Land Division Ordinance

Virtual Link for Public Meetings
Planning Commission, Housing Commission, STR Committee, Public Meetings,
Townhall Meetings, etc. will meet using the following info:
Call in: 1-971-254-3149, Conference ID: 887 242 77#
Virtual Teams Link



Tillamook County Land Use Applications Under Review

Type Number Name Application Status Date
Conditional Use 851-21-000062-PLNG Jordan Under Review 04/2021
Variance 851-21-000088-PLNG Hantke Under Review 04/2021
Conditional Use 851-21-000083-PLNG Coulter Under Review 04/2021
Conditional Use 851-21-000079-PLNG Trusty Under Review 04/2021
Variance 851-21-000009-PLNG Hites Under Review 04/2021
Conditional Use 851-21-000070-PLNG Cosgrove Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000037-PLNG Smith/Esplin Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000081-PLNG Jenck/Rice Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000021-PLNG Girdner/Onion Peak Design Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000047-PLNG Mock/Onion Peak Design Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000022-PLNG McCorkle/Onion Peak Design Under Review 04/2021
Conditional Use 851-20-000509-PLNG Daggett/Nestucca Valley School Communication Tower Under Review 04/2021
Partition 851-21-000034-PLNG Avalon Heights LLC/Hughes Under Review 04/2021
Resource Exception 851-21-000024-PLNG Padgett Under Review 03/2021
Conditional Use 851-20-000213-PLNG Cromos Mining & Crushing LLC Under Review
Planning Commission Hearing:
April 22, 2021 at 7:00pm

Call In Line for hearing:+1 (971) 254-3149. Conference ID number: 887 242 77#.

Variance 851-21-000017-PLNG Allen Under Review 02/2021
Resource Zone Exception 851-21-000004-PLNG Stuwe Appeal Period 02/2021
Resource Zone Exception 851-21-000005-PLNG Stuwe Appeal Period 02/2021
Resource Zone Exception 851-21-000006-PLNG Stuwe Under Review 02/2021
Resource Zone Exception 851-21-000007-PLNG Stuwe Appeal Period 02/2021
Resource Zone Exception 851-21-000001-PLNG Thompson/Swaja Under Review 02/2021
Partition 851-20-000526-PLNG La Contrada, LLC/Onion Peak Design Under Review 02/2021
Exception 851-20-000523-PLNG Roggenbihl Appeal Period 02/2021
Conditional Use 851-20-000522-PLNG MacDonald Under Review 02/2021
Conditional Use 851-20-000525-PLNG Duryee Under Review 02/2021
Partition 851-20-000503-PLNG Wettstein/Esplin Under Review 02/2021
Variance 851-20-000518-PLNG Montgomery Under Review 02/2021
Appeal of Land Use Verification 851-20-000501-PLNG Bernards - Bay Ocean LLC Planning Commission hearings:
February 25, 2021 & March 11, 2021
Floodway Development Permit 851-20-000484-PLNG Miller Appeal Period 01/2021
Riparian Exception 851-20-000482-PLNG Martin Under Review 01/2021
Partition 851-20-000498-PLNG Reinmiller Appeal Period 01/2021
Resource Zone exception 851-20-000451-PLNG Metzger/Winslow Appeal Period 12/2020
Conditional Use
Floodway/Estuary Development Permit
The Nature Conservancy Under Review 10/2020
Conditional Use 851-20-000506-PLNG Nestucca Valley School Appeal Period 12/2020
Conditional Use 851-20-000508-PLNG Daggett Appeal Period 12/2020
Conditional Use 851-20-000507-PLNG Sigman Appeal Period 12/2020
Conditional Use 851-20-000505-PLNG Daggett/Jumpin' Jacks LLC Communication Tower Appeal Period 12/2020
Estuary/Floodplain Development Permit 851-20-000398-PLNG OPRD Under Review 11/2020
Conditional Use
Haynor/Widmer Appeal Period 09/2020
Appeal 851-20-000345-PLNG
Moore & Kenney / Kingfisher Apartments Appeal Period 09/2020
Estuary & Floodplain Development Permit 851-20-000244-PLNG ODOT - Tillamook River Appeal Period 08/2020
Measure 49 851-20-000269-PLNG Seabreeze/Kalish/Jay Julien Trust Under Review

BOCC Hearing 08/12/2020 @ 10:30am

Conditional Use 851-20-000199-PLNG Cape Meares Loop Road Re-Alignment Under Review

Planning Commission Hearings

07/09/2020 @ 7PM

08/13/2020 @ 7PM

Development Permit

Agency Notice & Maps
Port of Garibaldi Floating Restroom Project Under Review  
Conditional Use &
Kingfisher Apartments/Shluka Appeal Period

Public Hearings:

June 25, 2020 @ 7:00pm
July 23, 2020 @ 7:00pm
August 13, 2020 @ 7:00pm


Subdivision &Variance


Summit At Manzanita Appeal Period 05/20200
Development Permit 851-20-000134-PLNG Neskowin Emergency Egress Under Review 04/2020
Appeal 851-19-000560-PLNG Edge Cable/Kittell/ORCA/Ruttledge/Et al.

Appeal Period

Floodway Development Permit 851-19-000530-PLNG Tillamook County Public Works/Peterson Creek Appeal Period 11/2019
Text Amendment/Zone Change/Map Amendment 851-19-000420-PLNG

BOCC Memo with updates to proposed text

Board Order

Notice of Decision

Final Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Final Comp Plan Amendments

Tillamook County - Tsunami Appeal Period 10/2019
Floodway Development Permit 851-19-000446-PLNG
BOCC Declaration
Bridge Specifications
Tillamook County - Curl Road Bridge Replacement Under Review 09/2019
Resource Zone Exception 851-19-000391-PLNG Matsell Under Review 09/2019
Ordinance Amendment 851-19-000420-PLNG

BOCC Hearing Audio

Tsunami Overlay - Tillamook County Under Review 08/2019
Riparian Exception & Floodway Development 851-19-000291-PLNG Compton Under Review 08/2019
Floodway Development & Conditional Use 851-19-000290-PLNG Part 1
851-19-000290-PLNG Part 2
Olander Under Review 07/2019
Resource Zone Exception 851-19-000232-PLNG Sarucci Under Review 07/2019
Floodplain Variance & Riparian Exception 851-19-000228-PLNG Salzman/McCorkle Under Review 07/2019
Zone Change/Map Amendment 851-19-000124-PLNG

PC Hearing Packet

BOCC Hearing Packet

Notice of Decision

Dial-Olmedo Appeal Period 04/2019
Appeal 851-19-000154-PLNG

May 9th, 2019 Planning Commission Hearing Packet

Notice of Appeal Hearing
CU Request 851-19-000032-PLNG

Materials presented at May 9, 2019 Planning Commission Hearing

Planning Commission Order

Boswell/Lower Nehalem Community Trust Appeal Period 04/2019
Conditional Use 851-19-000105-PLNG Edge Cable Holdings USA, LLC Appeal Period

Appeal Hearing has been scheduled with the BOCC. See here to view schedule.

Ordinance Amendment 851-18-000577-PLNG

Notice of Public Hearing
Revised Section 3.310
Revised Section 3.312
Revised Section 3.314
ONA Community Plan Update

March 14, 2019 Planning Commission Packet

Decision & Order

Tillamook County Appeal Period 02/2019
Consolidated Review of Zone Change/Map Amendment & Conditional Use Request 851-18-000525-PLNG



Dec. 13, 2018 PC Hearing Packet
Dec. 13, 2018 PC Audio
Jan. 10, 2019 BOCC Hearing Packet
BOCC Hearing Audio
January 18, 2019 Decision & Order

Nunez Appeal Period 11/2018
Variance 851-18-000459-PLNG OPRD Sitka Sedge Appeal Period 10/2018
Consolidated Review of Zone Change/Map Amendment and Conditional Use Request 851-18-000453-PLNG  and  851-18-000454-PLNG   Application information here

Oct. 11, 2018 PC Hearing packet

Oct. 11, 2018 - Sign In and Criteria

November 21, 2018 BOCC Hearing Packet

Notice of Decision and Orders

Trusty BOCC hearing scheduled for November 21, 2018 at 10:30am 09/2018
Ordinance Amendment 851-18-000329-PLNG
FEMA Map Adoption Bulletin
New FEMA Flood Maps
August 23 Planning Commission Packet

Revised Section 3.510
August 23 PC Hearing Audio can be found here.

BOCC Packet for Sept. 12, 2018

Flood Map and Ordinance Amendment BOCC hearing scheduled for September 12, 2018. 07/2018
Non-Conforming Minor 851-18-000261-PLNG Graham/Reehers Homestead Inc. Appeal Period 06/2018
Variance 851-18-000258-PLNG Holland Appeal Period 06/2018
Consolidated Review of Appeal Requests 851-18-000231-PLNG

See information here.

Mizee/Appeal TPUD Decision Public Hearing continued for July 28th with BOCC 05/2018
Conditional Use 851-18-000079-PLNG Goodman Group LLC Under Review 03/2018
Partition 851-18-000083-PLNG Cook/Goodman Appeal Period 03/2018
Comp. Plan Amendment 851-18-000040-PLNG TCCA Appeal Period 02/2018
Conditional Use 851-17-000610-PLNG
Decision Letter
Staff Report
Tillamook County/Tillamook Anglers Under Review 01/2018
Consolidated Review of a Conditional Use (851-17-000448-PLNG-01), Floodway/Estuary/Floodplain Development Permit (851-17-000448-PLNG), and Administrative Review (851-17-000448-PLNG-02) Requests 851-17-000448-PLNG/851-17-000448-PLNG-01/851-17-000448-PLNG-02

Click here for information.
TPUD: Tillamook-Oceanside 115kV Transmission Line Project Planning Commission Hearing  continued. Scheduled for April 26th, 2018 at 7PM in the BOCC Conference room at the County Courthouse 01/2018
Ordinance Amendment 851-18-000011-PLNG
Pacific City/Woods Community Plan Draft Update
Color Map
Testimony Received

Final Order
Tillamook County Appeal Period 01/2018
Appeal 851-17-000273-PLNG-01
Planning Commission Packet
Notice of Decision
Kiwanda Shores Beachfront Collective/Gulick Appeal Period 12/2017
Appeal 851-17-000605-PLNG
Planning Commission Packet
Notice of Decision
Worf/Bay Place & Ernst Court Appeal Period 12/2017
Admin. Review of CU 851-16-000514-PLNG Worf/Bay Place & Ernst Court Appealed. See 851-17-000605-PLNG 11/2017
Foredune Grading 851-17-000273-PLNG Kiwanda Shores Beachfront Collective/Gulick Appealed. See 851-17-000273-PLNG-01. 06/2017
Neskowin Coastal Hazard 851-17-000195-PLNG
Notice of Decision Letter
Decision - Staff Report
Gayner Appeal Period 06/2017
Zone Change/Map Amendment 851-17-000201-PLNG
BOCC Packet
Zwald Appeal Period 05/2017
Zone Change 851-17-000096-PLNG
Board Order
Staff Report
BOCC Packet
Smith/Hidden Acres Appeal Period 04/2017
Administrative Review 851-16-000514-PLNG Ernst Court Under Review 01/2017
Variance 851-16-000463-PLNG Iwanaga Appeal Period 01/2017
Ordinance Amendment 851-16-000436-PLNG Cham Appeal Period 12/2016
Conditional Use 851-16-000435-PLNG
January 26, 2017 Hearing Notice
February 23, 2016 Hearing Notice
Cham PC Hearing continued 02/23/2017 12/2016
Variance 851-16-000428-PLNG Ulrich/Golden Under Review 11/2016
NCMN 851-16-000427-PLNG Ulrich/Golden Under Review 11/2016
Subdivision Appeal 851-17-000006-PLNG

February 6, 2017 Packet

Appeal of #851-15-000265-PLNG: Proposal Rock Cove Subdivision.  Appellant: Multiple Appellants Appealed - Hearing Date 02/06/2017 - 10:30 AM 01/2016
Subdivision 851-15-000265-PLNG
Notice of Decision of Appeal
Order for Appeal
Proposal Rock Cove Subdivision (Revision of letter: Geologic Hazard Section has been updated to 4.130) Approved with Conditions 02/2016
Subdivision 851-15-000277-PLNG

Application Materials

LUO Criteria

LDO Criteria

Seashore Woods Subdivision (Revision of letter: Geologic Hazard Section has been updated to 4.130) Hearing requested for rescheduling


Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Netarts Wind Turbines - Board of County Commissioners Remand Hearing BOCC Hearing 10/18/2016 10/2016
Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Netarts Wind Turbines - Board of County Commissioners Remand Hearing BOCC Hearing 09/07/2016 CANCELLED 8/2016
Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Appeal Netarts Wind Turbines - Board of County Commissioners Decision LUBA Remand 5/9/2016
Appeal 851-15-000347-PLNG Appeal Netarts Wind Turbines - Staff Report LUBA Remand 5/9/2016
Conditional Use 851-15-000147-PLNG Netarts Wind Turbines Conditional Use Notice of Decision Appealed 07/2015
Zone Change 851-15-000250-PLNG Bayocean Spit No legislative action taken 08/2015

Tillamook County Plans
2011 Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
2005 Hazard Mitigation Plan
Netarts Littoral Cell Report
Tillamook County Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessments, 2001
Tillamook County Transportation System Plan

Bayocean Spit Zone Change Hearing Materials:
Packet: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4



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